Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pure Crazyness

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CRS (Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West & Pharrell)

Us Placers (Thom Yorke Sample)

Kanye West

Young Folks (Peter, Bjorn, and John Sample)

Architecture In Helsinki

Heart it Races - remix (Adrenaline - DJ/Rupture Ital Hymn Mix featuring Mr Lee.G)

The Besnard Lakes

Would Anybody Come To Visit Me (From 10" ep)


Race In (From Mirrored)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sufjan Stevens - A Take Away Show and Mp3

With : Havlovi, Sufjan Stevens, David Cossin, Pedro Soler, Glogs & Shara Wordan, Osso Quartet et Amiina.

Sufjan Stevens, playing on the roof of Cincinatti's Memorial Hall, the day of the MusicNOW Festival.

The lakes of Canada

BONUS from The Believer June/July Issue Comp. CD: In The Words Of The Governor

Coming Soon - Sufjan ( A Take Away Show)

From: LaBlogotheque

Monday, May 21, 2007

Handsome Furs (Demos)

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Dumb Animals (Demo)

Hearts Of Iron (Demo)

Snakes On the Ladder (Demo)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sunset Rubdown : Random Spirit Lovers

Sunset Rubdown
Random Spirit Lovers
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01 The Mending of the Gown
02 Magic vs. Midas
03 Up on Your Leopard, Upon the End of Your Feral Days
04 The Courtesan Has Sung
05 Winged/Wicked Things
06 Colt Stands Up, Grows Horns
07 Stallion
08 For the Pier (and Dead Shimmering)
09 The Taming of the Hands That Came Back to Life
10 Setting vs. Rising
11 Trumpet, Trumpet, Toot! Toot!
12 Child-Heart Losers

Cover Songs

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Jonh Cale

Hallelujah (Leanord Cohen cover)


True Love (Daniel Johnston cover)

Elliot Smith

Clouds (Quasi cover)

All of my Rowdy Friends (Hank Williams Cover)

Mike Ness (Social Distortion)

Don't Think Twice (It's Alright) - (Bob Dylan Cover)

Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes)

Old Black Dawning(Frank Black cover live)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Icy Demons

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Icy Demons is an experimental music project started by Bablicon's Griffin Rodriguez (credited as Blue Hawaii) and Man Man / Need New Body's Christopher Powell (Pow Pow). A project of various Chicago musicians, they have released an album, Fights Back! on the Elephant 6-associated label Cloud Recordings.

In the fall of 2006 they released their second album, Tears of a Clone on the Eastern Developments Music
From thier 2007 release Miami Ice...
Miami Ice (2007)
and from Tears of a Clone...
The Only

Official Site

Saturday, May 12, 2007

We All Have Hooks for Hands

I love it when i find a new band and fall madly in love with them on first listen...this happened to me when i first heard the band We All Have Hooks for Hands...a 9 piece collective from sioux falls, south dakota...they have a little bit of everything i am loving these days...their debut album 'The Pretender' came out last can order it through their myspace page

We All Have Hooks For Hands-Hold On C'mon

if you love beirut, the boy least likely too, i'm from will love this band! trust!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Arcade Fire @ United Palace Theater

last night was a great AF show, but not the best I have seen...I was really lucky to get 2nd row seats which made it easy for me to rush the stage...we ended up front and center and had an amazing time...

the band came out and started off strong with black mirror...the crowd was standing thanfully, but they were not allowing us to be close to the stage just yet...during laika richard and will were banging drums together behind the keyboards on stage right...and at one point came to the front of the stage with the mic/megaphone and were screaming and hitting each other...then it almost looked like they were going to wrestle right there cause richard i think slipped and fell and will was still hitting him was hilarious...i really hope someone got a video of that...

neon bible had no one tearing pictures or anything...before ATB win said something like 'people don't/shouldn't go into the music business to be greedy'...that's what i thought i heard...could be wrong...

during power out win first came to the front of the stage with the guitar...and then left the guitar got the mic and went into the frist almost looked like he was standing on one of the chairs in the front row while singing...everyone back on the stage just sang the song...

tunnels was the first song of the encore, but not listed on the offical setlist...everyone seemed to be helping win sing this one...intervention was a great way to end the show....and that was were win said "see you tomorrow, same time, same place"...and smiled!

as for the crowd, their was very little energy at the front for most of the show...people at the front (with some exceptions) were just not into it and it wasn't until the old songs came on that they showed some form of life...when they finally let more people come forward, then it felt like there were actual fans near us...

my pictures are here

Monday, May 07, 2007

Don't Miss: Marcellus Hall and The Headliners

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Marcellus Hall & The Headliners
Live at Lakeside Lounge
New York City
February, 12 2007

Marcellus Hall - Singing, Guitar, Harmonica
Damon Smith - Bass, Background Singing
Jimmy Ansourian - Drums
Shonali Bhowmik - Guest Singing and Tambourine on Two By Sea and There'll Come A Time

Back Where I Started
During The War
It's Your Turn
Laughing With You
Neon Not The Night
Two By Sea
There'll Come A Time
Star Position
Don't Go
Vodka Talking
Life Is Still Sweet
Pin Prick

Mp3's for the Full Show Are Right Here

Random Post

4 Songs by the Dirty Projectors from thier Daytrotter Sessions

Listen to Full Albums Here...

LINK: Wilco, 'Sky Blue Sky'
HTML: Wilco, 'Sky Blue Sky'

LINK: Lavender Diamond, 'Imagine Our Love'
HTML: Lavender Diamond, 'Imagine Our Love'

Devendra Banhart and Noah Georgeson / Petra Haden: "Don't Look Back in Anger" (Oasis cover) / "Don't Stop Believin'" (Journey Cover) [Streams]

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sunset Rubdown @ bowery ballroom

last night was spencer's birthday...and despite his being "angry" he and the band pulled off a really great is the setlist as written:

Pier (Burning out eyes)
Snakes (got a leg)
Shores (Shut Up I'm Dreaming)
Waltz (Stallions)
Spooky (Swimming)
Waterfall (Us Ones In Between)
Sedy (Clusterfuck)
Stadiums (and Shrines)
Winged (Wicked things)
Lord (Empty Threats of Little Lord)

the band went on pretty late, around 11:30, off at 12:45...when spencer came on he apologized for the lateness...from the first song unti 'march' Jordan and Mike did not switch...therefore Jordan is playing guitar on most of the new tracks...

after winged/wicked things mike brought out a cupcake and placed it on the keyboard and camillia said something about how spencer had made her celebrate her birthday on stage a bunch of times now, so it was his turn...camillia led the crowd in singing happy birthday to him and in the middle spencer screamed "fuck yeah" into the mic...then as we finished the song he did some sort of jump in the air and said "do you know how hard it is to hear that when you're angry"?

so all in all i thought the show was incredible...the new songs sound so tight and perfected...i really loved stallions/waltz...and the whole crowd went nuts for stadiums...people were singing along and getting loud...

this show made me really excited for the new record...i got to speak with some of the band, very breifly...they are definitely going back on tour in the fall...they will have a full record out around that time...the tour has been really great and they have been having a lot of fun...

pictures are here

Friday, May 04, 2007

Just Good Music

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Young People - From "All At Once" released in 2006 on Too Pure

A song called R & R

Official Site

young people are on tour supporting

Sunset Rubdown - New Song (Live Seattle)

the tentitively titled mp3 ?CLUSTERFUCK?

thanks Billz and Tronic for the good quality recordings

Final Fantasy - New Song

Mp3 Flare Gun

Esopus is a twice-yearly arts magazine featuring fresh, unmediated perspectives on contemporary culture from a wide range of creative professionals. It includes artists’ projects, critical writing, fiction, poetry, visual essays, interviews, and, in each issue, a themed CD of new music. Esopus Magizine

thank Y A N P for pointing that out

Patrick Watson - From Champion's Remix album released in 2006

Mp3 Guy Doune [Patrick Watson's Missing You Remake]

Patrick Watson's Official Site

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - from thier recent Sirius sat. radio studio session

Satan Said Dance (Acoustic)

Architecture In Helsinki - New Single

Heart It Races

Bishop Allen - From thier upcoming full length "Bishop Allen and the The Broken String"

mp3 Rain

new album to be released on July 24th

1. "The Monitor"
2. "Rain"
3. "Click, Click, Click, Click"
4. "The Chinatown Bus"
5. "Flight 180"
6. "Like Castanets"
7. "Butterfly Nets"
8. "Shrinking Violet"
9. "Corazon"
10. "Middle Management"
11. "Choose Again"
12. "The News From Your Bed"

Official Site

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jeff Tweedy Interview

Jeff Tweedy Interview


From bradleys almanac
The New Pornographers provided their mailing list subscribers with a first taste of the Neko Case-designed artwork for their next album, "Challengers", which arrives August 21st on Matador. Here it is...
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According to the band, mixing is "...underway at the moment, and going better than expected!", and they note that while it's not the final version of the album art, it will be what appears on a limited edition screened poster that they're selling at their summer shows. Even better: Every print has a special code on it that, when emailed to the band, will score you a free mailed copy of "Challengers" when it comes out. Any Coachella-goers wanna pick me up one of 'em?

From Pitchfork

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Frog Eyes - Tears of the Valedictorian
[Absolutely Kosher; 2007]
Rating: 8.5

Why is this valedictorian crying? For the classmates he's leaving behind? For that van full of kids who drove drunk into the storm ditch after prom? No, if the speaker is Carey Mercer, who fronts Victoria, B.C.'s Frog Eyes, he's bawling because he's supposed to be an adult now.Frog Eyes have been a band more namechecked than listened to, thanks to now-and-then keyboardist Spencer Krug's other groups (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown), and Mercer's collaboration last year with Krug and Dan Bejar of Destroyer under the guise of Swan Lake. While Mercer shares his friends' elliptical and bombastic, he's at once more of an orator and more of a synesthesist, working with smears and splatters more than melodies, and bringing his own fixations.Tears of the Valedictorian is Frog Eyes' first substantial advance since 2003's The Golden River, which was a fanciful songcycle on a backdrop of ecological anxiety. The Folded Palm (2004) approximated the frenzy of their shows, but at the expense of the songs. The intervening mini-albums were pleasant small-scale studies. Valedictorian again mobilizes the band's full palette-- Mercer's wife Melanie Campbell's stomping drums and flat stutter cymbals, Krug's keyboards switching from crosshatch shadows to radiant showers, Michael Rak's grounding bass, Mercer's and McCloud Zicmuse's light-seeking insect guitars and, always, Mercer's gibbering, his croon, his grumbles, his yodeling yip.Mercer stands in the lineage of rock frontman as half-carnival-barker, half-gnostic-preacher that Greil Marcus describes as the "crank prophet," from Screamin' Jay Hawkins through Arthur Lee of Love, Captain Beefheart, David Thomas of Pere Ubu, Tom Waits, and the Pixies' Frank Black. But Frog Eyes' sound owes more to early Roxy Music-- music that filtered out blues in favor of high modernism-- as well as advertising jingles and John Philip Sousa. In keeping with Victoria's Brit-dominated demographics, it also recalls English music hall, though the hall is on a riverboat and the river on fire.Mercer's preoccupation here seems to be masculinity, as it often has been in rock, the music of boys coming of age. But unlike Mick Jagger or Bruce Springsteen (whose trace, as so often these days, shows up here in some surprising runs of piano fills and exhortations), Mercer is stalking the heath of manhood's ruination. He turns over artifacts of Romanticism like an anthropologist on a dig, sketching out the landscape and puzzling over how these dick-swinging ancients survived. His yowls are the cry of somebody waking up from history with a hangover-- "he was what the Poor call the Maimed," he sings-- as its dreams disperse over the horizon of legibility.I don't mean to make Mercer sound like a nostalgist. His voice is nothing if not urgently present, struggling to pull his warring selves into some workable here and now. He invokes patriarchs just to dispose of them, from the "Roman ambassador" who is "torn apart by plaster and reassembled after" in the opener, "Idle Songs," to the "druken and besotted father figure" who's pushed out to sea on an ice floe in "Evil Energy, the Ill Twin of..." They stand between Mercer and a longed-for future in which the masculine spirit somehow gets sane and whole. Meanwhile, touchingly, that bad dad out on the ice "trembles and he trembles and he puts his heart on tremble."Mercer breaks from the crank-prophet line in that he wants to defeat his solipsism, to hack his way out of the thicket of male ghosts and build relationships-- with nature, lovers, family, his band and the listener. This album is peppered with references to himself as singer, from the epic second track "Caravan Breakers, They Prey on the Weak and the Old" ("I bet you are sick of hearing songs about the trail") to the entrancing near-closer "Bushels", which assures "there's a colony in song" and ends on the simple statement, "I was a singer and I sang in your home." In between comes "The Policy Merchant, the Silver Bay", an acoustic, falsetto-sung ballad in which he teases, "Mercer is a merchant, a policy merchant/ He calls himself urgent!/ He gathers all of the urchins up in their tearaways/ He gathers them into his palm and then he sings 'Another Day.'"These wry acknowledgments feel especially gracious from a singer who is so under siege by sound and by the unending, unpredictable demands of all the voices of past and future birthing and dying in his gullet. But that's what Frog Eyes achieves here, not just in the songwriting but in the band's new dynamic range and precision-- for the first time, there's space in their hermetic universe for the rest of us. It's graduation day.Reviewed by - Carl Wilson, May 03, 2007

Check out the new Architecture in Helsinki-video

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! did a serious sat. radio sesh
Satan Said Dance (Acoustic)

Snake on the Radio

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Wolf Parade CBC Sessions

Land Of Talk - AOL The Interface

Mobius Band - woxy Lounge Acts

The National - woxy Lounge Acts

Post No Bills (Stream) Pat Duncan Presents Punk Night

CocoRosie (LIVE)

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some live mp3's should help to suffice... NOT
Noah's ArkAlternate ver. w/ Rap
South 2ndAlt Ver.
Werewolf(Live) song from the new album
Promise(Live) song from the new album

Cover Songs

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Bjork and Pj Harvey (Live)
Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Love I'm Searching For (Rentals)

Chk Chk Chk
Take Ecstsacy With Me (Magnetic Fields)

Jim Guthrie (ISLANDS)
Nighttime/Anytime(It's Alright) - (Constantines cover)

Michael Stipe of REM (Live)
Winter "teaser" (Tori Amos Cover)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hansome Furs Interview

From Vice...