Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snakes Got Some Videos

These are some videos we took of some of our favorite shows of 2011 so far...

Chad VanGaalen - "Do Not Fear" & "Peace Is On The Rise"
Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 06/21/11

Purling Hiss "Voices"
Bowery Ballroom, NYC 6/11/11

Kurt Vile "Downbound Train" (Bruce Spingsteen Cover)
Bowery Ballroom, NYC 06/11/11

White Fence "Baxter Corner"
The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY 6/18/11

Marcellus Hall "Don't Go"
Bowery Electric, NYC 3/9/11

Kurt Vile "Baby's Arms"
Generation Records In-Store, NYC 3/8/11

John Maus "Believer"

Fresh off the press... Pitchfork will be posting this tomorrow... John Maus "Believer" from his latest magnus opus, "We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves." The show was amazing. It's one of his last songs, he's a bit tired.. Nevertheless, check it out.

Moonface - Fast Peter