Thursday, October 01, 2015

Daddy's Hands - Live 1997

For years I've been sitting on a DVD of a Daddy's Hands performance that I acquired in a trade. The audio's been available here for years, while I posted one video on YouTube of "Scabby Corsage" about the same time. Another video of "Shiver Into Brown Space" has been on YouTube even longer. With all the requests for more/the whole concert I am not sure why it took me so long to post this and I apologize. If you have never heard of Daddy's Hands I recommend that you read his obituary. He was a great inspiration to the bands I love.

Daddy's Hands
Crosstown Traffic
May 1997
Vancouver, BC, Canada
filmed by Chris Frey
edited by Josh S.

01. Intro
02. Don't Go (s/t Demo 1996)
03. Shiver Into Brown Space (I&P 1996)
04. Don't Know How To Not To (I&P 1996)
05. Climbed Right Out (I&P 1996)
06. Dilban Straddles Flab (1997)
07. Skyscratchers > Feral You (1997)
08. I Hate-z Plank (s/t Demo 1996)
09. Phasers On Stun (I&P 1996)
10. Scabby Corsage (s/t Demo 1996)

daddy's hands:


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