Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sunset Rubdown @ bowery ballroom

last night was spencer's birthday...and despite his being "angry" he and the band pulled off a really great is the setlist as written:

Pier (Burning out eyes)
Snakes (got a leg)
Shores (Shut Up I'm Dreaming)
Waltz (Stallions)
Spooky (Swimming)
Waterfall (Us Ones In Between)
Sedy (Clusterfuck)
Stadiums (and Shrines)
Winged (Wicked things)
Lord (Empty Threats of Little Lord)

the band went on pretty late, around 11:30, off at 12:45...when spencer came on he apologized for the lateness...from the first song unti 'march' Jordan and Mike did not switch...therefore Jordan is playing guitar on most of the new tracks...

after winged/wicked things mike brought out a cupcake and placed it on the keyboard and camillia said something about how spencer had made her celebrate her birthday on stage a bunch of times now, so it was his turn...camillia led the crowd in singing happy birthday to him and in the middle spencer screamed "fuck yeah" into the mic...then as we finished the song he did some sort of jump in the air and said "do you know how hard it is to hear that when you're angry"?

so all in all i thought the show was incredible...the new songs sound so tight and perfected...i really loved stallions/waltz...and the whole crowd went nuts for stadiums...people were singing along and getting loud...

this show made me really excited for the new record...i got to speak with some of the band, very breifly...they are definitely going back on tour in the fall...they will have a full record out around that time...the tour has been really great and they have been having a lot of fun...

pictures are here


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