Monday, March 03, 2008

The Northwest Man's "People Friendly"

"Brett Mattox is Darnielle with a Casio. As such, he continues to toss songs into the bin the listener then rummages through to compile their own playlist of personal favorites. On People-Friendly, Mattox is a lounge act in an intergalactic starport, crooning to drunk aliens about his adventures on Earth. It's The Northwest Man playing down his inherent oddities perhaps too much, and when simple strummed guitar makes a startling appearance on "The Sun", it brings about some wonder of how the other songs would sound with a bit more instrumentation or surprises.
The record contains some great tunes for your "NWM ROX" playlist ("Hell Well" and "The Sun" are big standouts), and even the most diehard Northwester will be severely perplexed by the 80s-ballad-without-irony weirdness-by-comparison that is "For Now I Say Goodbye."" -Thom Stylinki

Anyway, Brett Mattox has yet another album out as The Northwest Man, it has 10 tracks and was recorded entirely in February as part of the RPM Challenge. Brett also plays in The Whiskers.
01 Warning on the Boarding
02 Hell Well
03 O Where When
04 Hopscotch Fever
05 Handstands
06 This Seems Like the Proper Place to Put a Sad Song
07 They're in Mourning
08 The Sun
09 Perfect Mistake
10 For Now I Say Goodbye

Everyone should hear it!


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