Tuesday, February 12, 2008

D.W. Holiday

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Starting with what can only be classified as Space-Rock, this quirky music takes an experimental turn with digital and analog synthesizers, programmed beats, and subliminal messages. The music of D.W. Holiday is mostly about five senses working overtime - but even more so about that sixth sense which allows you to SLOW DOWN and realize your dreams.

D.W. Holiday floats alongside the songs they sing and play. They want the music to be noticed first and foremost, while the lush textures pop and fizzle like drums and wires, the smooth 60's style bass lines buzz, and the synths hum.

Also thier new lp is being produced and mixed by Jace from The Besnard Lakes as we speak!! Here are some songs...

30 Cans from thier 2004 release "Technical Dificulties, Under the Influence"

On Fire from The Wave

Concrete Heart from 2007's "Lincoln"

"I always felt when I was younger that if I was to ever visit San
Francisco, I would want to do a lot of drugs. The few times i have
actually been there, I have not been so lucky to fulfill my dream, but
one night I came close: I walked in on D.W. Holiday performing live and

I suddenly felt like I was on the best acid I've ever taken. And I've
taken a lot of really GREAT acid."

Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes)


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