Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Marcellus Hall(White Hassle, Railroad Jerk)

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Orphaned at age five and moved from one relative to another, Marcellus Hall showed a predilection for drawing at an early age. When he was eight years old he began drawing caricatures on the street for money. In the winter he shoveled snow. Nicknamed "Bingo" at age 15 by his uncle, Hall became known as a troublemaker. He spent his adolescence in and out of reform schools in the Midwest. Finally after years of frustration for his caretakers, Hall began to shape up. A grant allowed him entrance to a local community college where he began pursuing a degree in hotel management. At this stage Hall's penchant for drawing began to take hold again. His professors quickly noticed and soon he was offered a scholarship to attend a commercial art school in Rhode Island. There, Hall fast became recognized as one of the top students. At this time also, Hall began learning how to play the guitar and harmonica. Rumors of his bisexuality circulated as well as his alleged drug use, but these were untrue. Moving to New York in 1987 Hall established himself as an illustrator and as a musician with the band, Railroad Jerk. He published small books of his writings and drawings, and from 1990-93 he created the comic strip, Bill Dogbreath, which appeared in weekly newspapers across the country. He now does illustrations for The New Yorker and New York Press, and sings for the band, White Hassle.

Marcellus Hall and the Farm Animals...
A Fine Line
During The War
White Hassle...
vodka talking
Neon Not The Night


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