Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wolf Parade Live at Osheaga - 2006-09-03

With their setlist cut short, due to other acts running overtime, they were only able to play seven songs. This led to some rivalry between Dan Boekner of WP and G. Love who was to be the following act that night. Read more in this interview w/ Dan ...http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2006/09/dan_boeckner_g.html

"Islands' set at the Osheaga fest in Montreal this weekend was a little overzealous in trying to impress, and so went 10 minutes longer than scheduled. Wolf Parade's set was shortened accordingly, and shortened even further when they faltered onstage for another 10 minutes trying to get their broke-ass gear to work. Dan announced toward the end of their short set that this would be their last song, at which the audience boo'ed. Dan then asked, "What? You guys don't want to hear G. Love?", at which the audience again boo'ed. Passing Wolf Parade on their way to the stage, G. Love scoffed at Wolf Parade somehow having heard them over the PA. Dan, now peaking on mushrooms, grabbed a platter of cheese from the rider and began throwing it at G. during his set. (Doesn't everyone know G. likes cold beverages?) G. threw a beer bottle at Dan's head, and a proper scuffle ensued. Heath Ledger apparently broke it up just in time, leaving G. shouting at Dan "This ain't over Chicken Parade!"

At the end of these tracks you can hear what Dan Boekner of WP says to piss off G Love enough to "scoff".
Song 6 Secret Knives
Song 7 I'll Believe in Anything
As a bonus here is an audio interview from "Mocking Music" with Handsome Furs, Dans side project...http://mockingmusic.blogspot.com/
And before the show


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