Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Langhorne Slim @ The Mercury Lounge 04/30/08

Featuring Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and The Blackboys as the supporting act.

I arrived at the "Merc" around 8:30 and was down with a serious case of the sniffles, quickly snagged a signed copy of the 'Rebel Side of Heaven' on 7" vinyl and caught the MBAR act. The set started pretty lazy and although the mood was playful it took a bit to get into even being there. His set, of course, won me over and took me through a performance diving in and out of his newer material and tracks of his recent release Self-Titled (The Summer of Fear)MBAR. Buriedfed, was the highlight of his set surviving nearly 9 minutes and engaging the audience to show some pulse. After all, its Miles Benjamin. It maybe a little foreign still, for some, and ahead of their time, for others but their kids are gonna LOVE IT!
After a rather short set came Hoots and Hellmouth. That Hoot-a-Nanny went on for a good hour or so. And, despite the anticipation for Langhorne Slim, i enjoyed their music and was entertained by the stomping percussions. If their are any hard-core fans that read this post; i have a few songs recorded and could make them available to you if you message me.
Finally, celebrating his Record Release, Langhorne took the stage and with immediate appreciation and a smile, he made no secret, that he was their to throw a party. His set was off the charts amazing and the room was a huge freakin' Love Fest. He played fast songs and slow songs, beautiful songs and mystery songs. And when it was done and all the cables were unplugged the band walked off the stage and Slim remained for an acoustic "Rebel Side"; left to the crowd for a memory of a great show and a sign of the future. Langhorne Slim will be back in NY playing a couple of Brooklyn gig at the Musichall of Williamsburg and @Soundfix Records, also in Williamsburg, in a couple of weeks. And as always I was recording....

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

01 - Unknown name

02 - Woodfriend

03 - Unknown name

04 - Written Over

05 - Unknown name

06 - Buried Fed

Langhorne Slim

01 - Be Set Free

02 - Hello Sunshine

03 - Restless

04 - Electric Love Letter

05 - You Can Have My Boots

06 - Unknown name

07 - English Tea

08 - In the Midnight

09 - By the Time the Suns Gone Down

10 - We Love the Animals

11 - Banter

12 - Checking Out

13 - Unknown name

14 - Hummingbird

15 - Anything For You

16 - I Love To Dance

17 - Diamonds and Gold

18 - Rebel Side of Heaven


At 6:15 PM , Blogger Matt said...

This is amazing! I was at the show, thank you very very much for sharing it. For some reason "Restless" didn't work/was only five seconds.
If you get a chance I'd love the Hoots and Hellmouth live that you have. Thanks


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