Monday, August 20, 2007

Wolf Parade @ The Warsaw

It was great to finally see these guys play again
go here to download a live recording of the Full Show....

Thanks to Ryan who edited the recording to get rid of all the "chatter," matched up (to the best of his ability) the setlist with the MP3s, and created some cover art using a picture he took at the show.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

1. It's A Curse
2. Billy J. --> Language
3. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
4. Soldiers
5. Chinese Way
6. Shine a Light
7. Stevie
8. We Built Another World
9. F.Y.C.
10. I'll Believe in Anything
11. Crazy Horse
12. This Heart's On Fire
13. You Are A Runner --> Fancy Claps

More of ryans great pics can be found Here


At 2:19 PM , Anonymous maria said...

james!!! you rule!

At 12:00 PM , Anonymous rgsc said...

Hey James,

Thanks very much - this is awesome.

Track STE-10 (which I think should be Shine A Light, according to the set list on the forum) is only 1 second long. I'm assuming there was an error somewhere (i downloaded it twice,just in case, and the file is the same). Is that track supposed to be Shine a Light? Any chance you might be able to upload it on its own? Again, thansk for this.

At 12:10 PM , Anonymous rgsc said...

oops. STE-008 is Shine a Light. I got messed up as Billy J and Language City are together on track STE-04.

Track 10 is still one second long, though - should there be anything there?

At 3:47 PM , Blogger ryan the duke said...

thanks a lot for this show!!

check out our new site for coverage of the 4 montreal shows. we have all the first night in mp3 and video (coming soon).. and most of the second night in mp3s...


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