Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Juiced Elfers

Wait what is this...
Bang Lime(featuring members of Metric) announced that "Juiced Elfers" will be the opening act at their two NYC shows this month. Who the fuck are "Juiced Elfers" ? Good question! It's not the bands name that exited me as much as the words in the parenthesis that followed it.

Juiced Elfers
(members of The Unicorns)

Brooklyn, NY Union Pool
August 22nd
NY, NY The Mercury Lounge
August 23rd

If you check Bang Lime's Myspace concert calender, and click on either of these two shows, you will see that it is listed as...Juiced Elfers (Members of Unicorns and Islands). This makes me think that this will be yet Another Nick Thorburn project, but the plural "members" gives me high hopes that Juiced Elfers is just a pseudonym! Although it would seem as if the Uni's motto is no longer "Lets Get Known" considering I cannot find any info on these elves. Anyone else know anything?


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