Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ArtDontSleep Presents From LA with Love

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ArtDontSleep Presents From LA with Love—just released on Milan Records earlier this month—was conceptualized by Andrew Lojero, who produces downtown LA’s ArtDontSleep underground parties. For the package, he worked closely with 16 different local musicians to collect new unreleased material from each of them; all the tracks reflect the true nature of the city’s underground music scene. There are selections from various artists like DJ Nobody, Nathan Yell, Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, Free Moral Agents (which features the keyboardist from The Mars Volta) and many more. Lojero then worked 15 local visual artists including B+, Kozyndan, Blain Fontana, Mike Crivello, Azul 213, Midzt and Kutma to develop a piece of art that was inspired by each song, all of which is featured in the CD booklet.

ArtDontSleep Presents: From LA With Love, which came out June 5, 2007. They had the DJ, Kutmah do a mix of the entire record into an 18 minute version, exclusive for blogs.

You can download the mix at it's called artdontsleepmegamix.mp3.

Note : This CD is not a compilation but a collection of LA’s finest artists.

Track List:
1. From Leaf to Feather - Night Sun
2. Nobody presents: Blank Blue - All the Shallow Deep
3. Madlib's Sound Directions - Wildflower
4. Tarek "Dj Dusk" Captan - Let me know
5. A Race of Angels - Just Begin
6. Adventure Time - This Dome Is Our Home
7. Nathan Yell - Goodbye
8. Coleman - No Strings Attached
9. Computer Jay feat. The Gray Kid - 1000 Fold
10. Exile - In The Night 22
11. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Killa Peach
12. Flying Lotus - It's A Secret
13. Take feat. Gaby Hernandez - Walk Away
14. Yesterdays New Quintet - I Remember John Coltrane
15. The Gaslamp Killer feat. Gonjasufi - Kobwebs
16. Free Moral Agents - Sound At Sea
17. Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Nag Champa


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