Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Northwest Man …you should know him

The Northwest Man started making music maybe a little more than half a year ago, since then he has evolved dramatically writing more and more complex music. One of his earliest songs is 'Brutal Brutal Brutal' which is a fantastic voice only track. He then recorded a 35-minute album entirely in February. It is one continuous track highlighted, I'd say, by the pop classic 'Graph (.32)' the simply amazing classic, 'Park' and the dramatically simple 'Bus.'

Since then he recorded a much more complex 7-song EP called 'Peep-Hole' which will likely be reissued on Awkwardcore, which is a label with whom The Northwest Man recently signed a major deal with.

The Northwest Man currently plans to have another EP out by the end of the summer. He is also a member of a fantastic band called The Whiskers.

Much much much much more music can be heard on:

just give this stuff a listen, it won't take long…


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