Friday, June 15, 2007

Elfin Saddle

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emi honda and jordan mckenzie grew up on opposite sides of the same ocean. somehow the currents were strong enough to carry emi from her home in southern japan to southern vancouver island in canada. emi spent alot of time gardening, collecting and making things. meanwhile, jordan was busy writing music and learning to build sound machines. as the currents grew stronger, they met, at first through art, each recognizing unmistakable similarities in the others work. soon they were playing music together, busking in the streets of victoria. they also began to collaborate in making art installations (often working with scott evans). they recorded far & few, and emi joined jordan's prog-folk/sound project, sound stories. working with rachael wadham, they put together their epic story, the spiral ship, and attemped touring around the pacific northwest. perhaps taking the road less travelled too often to be beneficial, they remained in the peripheries of the music world, rarely being noticed head-on. as things grew quiet, emi and jordan grew restless in victoria and decided to push off to montreal. in the process of moving, they developed a new, compact musical set-up, along with a more stripped down sound. this is now elfin saddle (the name of their favorite wild mushroom).

She Mountain Highly Reccomended
The Sun
Roof Song
Sounds like Beirut, Hawk and a Hacksaw etc.

And a Side Project!

wood tick is a free-form recording project. the songs are created without any premeditated idea of what they will become. jordan mckenzie began recording like this around 1998-99, which led to "Sound Stories", a project that involed alot of linking of songs and ideas into a semi-narrative. Jordan has been recording alot of objects that happen to be around in the studio: chairs, brass objects, garbage. He hopes to release an album of some of his recent material soon.

The Bloody Trail
Sounds like Blankkett, Amon Tobin etc.


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