Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Music You Might Not Know About [Part One]

Chet is another Canadian indie band that's awesome. For the most part, mellow, full of soul, and just really enjoyable. Chet is Ryan Beattie (who has played with Frog Eyes) and his brother Patrick, who are currently being accompanied by Megan Boddy (of MeatDraw) and Thomas Shields and Matt Skillings (who are both in Run Chico Run). They've recorded an album called Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home which should soon be out on Absolutely Kosher. There's a track from each album below, they all rock.

Your Element Will Make It Seem Natural (from The Tiger Is In The Window, 2003)
By Night Into Paradise (from Fight Against Darkness, 2007)
Saint Gerome, My Baby Tames Lions (from Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home, 2009)

More tracks are at myspace and on their New Music Canada page. Albums can easily be bought from Scratch Records and CD Baby.

Ganache is that guy [Thom Stylinski] from The Whiskers, just without all those other folks. His record, an EP titled A Halter Pardon Him And Hell Gnaw His Bones! will be released by Awkwardcore come a week from next Tuesday. Its got four tracks, one of which has been released another of which has been remixed (by Matt Vuchichevich) for your listening pleasure. I can assure you that the EP is quite good, to simply put it.

More about Ganache can be found here and here.


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