Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nick Thorburns "Reefer" preps debut album


Reefer is Nick Thorburn and Daddy Kev (TRUE). They met through their friend Giovanni Marks in front of the Celebrity Center in Los Feliz, LA (J/K). 'The Life Narcotic' is their mini-album with six sun-dripped songs and three hilarious interludes (TRUE). Recording for the project began on the Maui coastline in Turtle Town (TRUE) in March 2007 and was concluded a month later in downtown Los Angeles (ALSO TRUE).

Alpha Pup Records is now looking at a release date of October 14 for the "The Life Narcotic" the debut "mini-album" from Reefer, the Nick Thorburn and Daddy Kev collaborative project. Features remixes by Dntel and Flying Lotus. Epic artwork by Kozyndan too. Here is the first track that was featured today on Pitchfork...

Mp3 : Taken down by bands request...

Plus don't forget to check out Nick Thorburn's other venture, where he joins Jim Guthrie in their side project called Human Highway. Here is the title track off of their debut "Moody Motorcycle"...

Mp3 : Moody Motorcycle

and did I hear something about Th' Corn Gangg making an album?...


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