Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Railcars - Cities vs. Submarines


This Record is the product of Aria C Jalali, a Los Angeles native, Recording and Preforming as Railcars in the San Fransisco Bay Area is On the verge of an anticipated 5 song e.p. entitled Cities vs. Submarines. The e.p. will be released on Gold Robot Records Sept. 08, and the sound is "a ten minute journey into Aria Jalali's most vivid, reoccurring dreams. Railcars is an attempt to bring the images that have haunted Aria's mind to life using drum boxes, synths, and noise pedals with sentiments recreated in lyrical form."

Cities Vs. Submarines was recorded in Jamie Stewart's kitchen (pictured below). Sounding similar to Xiu Xiu, Handsome Furs and a meandering into Frog Eyes, the record is impressive enough to catch the ears of Dan Boeckner (Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade), who asked Railcars to join them on a stretch of their tour back in April 08. Jalali's vocals are soft and erratic and beautiful testing the occurring thought that good indie music can exist with elctro-sound.

Here is a catchy synthesizer driven ditty, Track {3} off the e.p. Cities vs. Submarines - Concrete Buildings

Pre-order the 7" e.p. on color vinyl on Gold Robot Records. Its limited to 500 copies so hurry up!!

More songs available on MySpace
jamie's kitchen


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