Saturday, March 29, 2008

Xiu Xiu @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 3.23.08

This is another Xiu Xiu easter Sunday for me. they are beautiful and dark and struggling and alive and sweet and disastrous and moving. this is as always a blood, sweat and tears operation for Jamie. the band as four is additional beauty and they are one of the most impressive acts you can see in this corner of the world. P.S. Xiu Xiu road manager, David Horvitz, recently teemed up with Spencer Krug and the gang, Sunset Rubdown, for a "Polaroid Project" featuring a reminiscent effort to allow fans direct access to personal pictures taken by David and his relationship to "a day in the life" so to speak, through drop-offs of blank Polaroids. Also, recently announced, Sunset Rubdown will release a 7" David Horvitz Picture Disc

1. Bishop CA

2. In Lust You Can Hear The Axe Fall

3. Clowne Towne

4. F.T.W.

5. No Friend OH!

6. Master of the Bump

7. You Are Pregnant, You Are Dead

8. Save Me Save Me

9. Gayle Lynn

10. I Do What I Want When I Want

11. Clover

12. Apistat Commander

13. Suha

Stay Tuned for a recording of Sunset Rubdown @ The Brooklyn Masonic Temple on 3.27.08


At 6:42 PM , Blogger eskimeaux said...

i saw xiu xiu at the first unitarian church in philly on wednesday with Thao Nguyen and Br'er. xiu xiu and thao were horrible, but br'er was really good.


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