Sunday, September 30, 2007

Patrick Watson @ Joes Pub

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Polaris Prize winner Patrick Watson played an unbelievably amazing show in NYC at Joes Pub on Sept. 04 2007. And guess What? ...Snakes Got a Bootleg!! Although due to battery problems, Snake missed the first song (Giver) and also ran out of battery half way through the second song Close to Paradise :( Sorry for the tech difficulties but I hope that you will enjoy the rest of the show as much as I did.

01 Close To Paradise

02 New Song

03 Drifters

04 Weight of the World

05 Between the Bars (Elliott Smith cover)

06 The Storm part 1

07 The Storm part 2

08 Talk

09 Fireweed (New Song)

10 Mr Tom into Luscious Life

11 Man Under the Sea

12 The Great Escape


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where did this go? repost?


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