Friday, July 20, 2007

Some Pretty Darn Good Songs

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Twenty Cell Revolt


Give it up

Cold War Kids

Electioneering (Radiohead Cover)

Xiu Xiu

I Luv the Valley

Chris Garneau

Not Nice

The Cinematic Orchestra

To Build a Home (feat Patrick Watson)

The Museum Pieces

On Deck

Dr Dog

The Man Who Was Wrong

The Antlers

When You Sleep (My Bloody Valintine cover)

In other news, In The Attic Of The Universe will be re-released by
Fall Records this autumn, re-mastered and re-packaged. The album,
once available in its entirety for free download, is now streamable in
its entirety at:

Antlers Website


At 4:14 PM , Anonymous maria said...

thank you for these...i forgot about that cwk track..


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