Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The Antlers' new album "In The Attic of The Universe" is now
available to download for FREE at

At only 21 years old, this is Peter Silberman's 5th release, though
only his second under The Antlers moniker. After moving to Manhattan
last year, he set up a cramped, make-shift recording studio in his
apartment and set to work on what would become The Antlers' first
proper LP, "Uprooted", a different sort of take on the transplant
album, exploring claustrophobia and sleepwalking against a fuzz-folk
He spent 2006 performing throughout his new home in support of the
album, and in the fall of 2006, sprawled his equipment on the floor
and set to work on "In The Attic of The Universe", a concept-EP in
which he ups the instrumentation from the acoustic guitar that
dominated "Uprooted", introducing a full rhythm section, moog,
accordion, and piano (both traditional and toy) and a host of others,
while parts of the album were recorded outside the farmhouse he grew
up on with an old Sony shoebox tape-recorder. The result is a sound
revolving around swelling ambience and climactic explosions in the
vein of The Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros, alongside Silberman's voice, a
sort of cross between Jeff Mangum and Jeff Buckley.


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