Friday, October 27, 2006

Cathedral Songs

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A cathedral is a Christian church building, specifically of a denomination with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Anglican, Catholic and some Lutheran churches, which serves as the central church of a diocese, and thus as a bishop's seat. As cathedrals are often particularly impressive edifices, the term is sometimes also used loosely as a designation for any large important church.

Some pre-Reformation cathedrals in Scotland now within the Church of Scotland still retain the term cathedral, despite the Church's Presbyterian polity which does not have bishops.

The term is not officially used in Eastern Orthodoxy, the church of a bishop being known as "the great church", though 'cathedral' is commonly used in English translations.

Wolf Parade (Live)
Cathedral Bells
Museum Pieces
Old Cathedral
The Decemberists
Grace Cathedral Hill


At 12:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Castanets - Cathedral 2 (Your Feet On The Floor Sounding Like The Rain)

Listen here:


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