Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Step Rockets EP Release & much more aka George Clanton and Glassio

Here's a show I'm real excited for — gonna be a real party on a Thursday at Baby's All Right!

Okay, Step Rockets are a rad band from Minneapolis, and they've got an EP officially coming out on April 15th, called Future Nature. Order it here. I highly recommend the Studio City session below!

Yahoo recently dubbed George Clanton the best act at SXSW, now that's quite a feat! His recent album, 100% Electronica IS a hit. He's been known in the past as Mirror Kisses and ESPIRIT 空想. Simply put, George Clanton is a musician well worth keeping up with.

Glassio will open the show with a high energy dance party. They've been playing all around NYC and recently released their first EP, Poptimism. Check out their brand new spacey music video for "Try Much Harder" below.

Well now that I've convinced you to come to this show, you can buy your tickets here
RSVP on Facebook too cause that's what we do in 2016?
And the cool cats at The Wild Honey Pie are behind this.


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